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Anna Mae S. Dinio-Bloch
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Default Hello!!!

Sorry this is a bit late, but I just wanted to send a HUGE warm welcome to all the new CUE students this semester and also say hello to those of you who are returning. I just graduated this past May and would have loved to have stayed, if I could, but it was time to move on to bigger and brighter things. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at Drew and miss it dearly. I hope that all of you have a great semester and if you should have any questions or ever need anything, please do NOT hesitate to contact me - I am serious!! I know to some, it can be daunting, especially if you are returning to school after some time (I came back after a 15-year hiatus, so imagine how scared I was!! ), but just take a deep breath and enjoy all the wonderful experiences that are ahead!!

Good luck to you all and I wish you all the best!!

Anna Mae

P.S. Here is my personal email - - since I am not sure how long I have access to this site. I hope to hear from you!!!
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