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Thomas M. Morgan
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Default DVDs and XBOX 360 games--Moving to Seattle Sale part2: CHEAP!

So I'm moving to Seattle and I only get 2 pieces of luggage. Everything else has to stay behind so please help me out if you're in need of any of this great stuff. Bonus! All proceeds go to paying off student loans, so know that you are buying for a good cause.

4. DVDs - $5 each (Except Family Guy Set $15)

All DVDs in great condition with everything included

Earth Girls are Easy
The Aristocats (PAL version)
Total Recall
Family Guy Volume 3
Daft Punk Interstella 5555
D.A.F.T. Daft Punk music video collection
Milo and Otis (The greatest movie of all time)
Weezer Video Capture Device
That Darn Cat
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
Ali G In da House
Fight Club (PAL version)
The 40 year-old virgin
Wedding Crashers
Waiting for Guffman
A Mighty Wind
Super Troopers
The Beast
Freddy Got Fingered
Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts box set ($10)
Dragon Ball: The Saga of Goku

The following movies have already been spoken for:
The Life Aquatic
Spinal Tap
The Big Lebowski
Donnie Darko Collectors Edition

5. CDs - $2 (South Park and Nirvana Box Set no longer avaliable)

6. XBOX 360 Games - $10

Call of Duty 2
Project Gotham Racing 3
Frontlines Fuel of War

The following games have already been sold:

Splinter Cell Double Agent
Just Cause
Saints Row

7. XBOX Games - $2

Unreal Championship 2

The following games have already been sold:

Company of Heroes (PC)
Shenmue 2
Max Payne 2

8. Other Games

TimeSplitters 2 for GameCube ($3)

Drew forum only allows 4 images per post, so click here to see image for these timesplitters and company of heroes:

Check Moving to Seattle Sale Part 1 for a recliner, rolling desk, and incredible green chair!

Thanks for looking, and if you're on the fence or even nowhere near the fence please make me any kind of offer. All prices are COMPLETELY negotiable.

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