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Originally Posted by Jennifer L. Woodruff
I thought I'd post this here since others may have the same question.....I've been using Thunderbird instead of "regular" Mozilla for about a year and a half (downloaded it from the mozilla site and have no complaints about it). When we migrate, I'm wondering a) how to tell GroupWise to get my data from my Thunderbird profile instead of the 1.5 year old Mozilla profile (since 90% of my email I have saved in local folders) and/or b) if I would simply be able to keep using Thunderbird if I wanted.
There are a few ways to migrate your own mail.

For faculty and staff, we have purchased licenses for a product called Transed Migrator. This can move data between a variety of products. For moving your mail on the server, you will do an IMAP4 Server > GroupWise copy. For moving local folders (including those in Mozilla and Mozilla Thunderbird) you will just be able to point the tool at your local profile and it will pull all of that mail into GroupWise. Although we are not supporting these apps, I can tell you that it can also move mail from Outlook and Outlook Express profiles amongst others.

You can also add the GroupWise server to your profile and move your messages by drag and drop. That's how we are going to have the students do it.

Once you've used Transend to move your messages, you can certainly access GroupWise via Mozilla Thunderbird. It does support IMAP, and you can access it that way if you wanted. Of course, there won't be much advantage in doing so since you won't be able to use the calendar and other GW features from within Thunderbird. Also, there won't be as much need for local folders with GroupWise because we are greatly increasing the mail quotas on the GroupWise system. Faculty/staff will have a 1GB quota.
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