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Originally Posted by Mike Richichi
Unless it tells you more about the type of connection, you'll just have to try them until one works. Well, except the one with the capital "D" isn't one of ours, so I'd stay away from that one.

There's no reason why the wireless system shouldn't work with your Nintendo DS, except you'll have a hard time communicating off-campus because you won't be able to authenticate to the web page to enable off-campus access. So it may be of limited utility. However, there's lots of variables in how wireless works, especially with embedded and portable devices, and it's hard to be sure any device will work with any access point (although the Cisco ones we use seem to work with far more things than consumer-grade devices do).

Does all of this information still apply? I've noticed that to connect to WiFi from the dorms and browse the Web requires that your computer log into some Drew proxy. Does this mean I can't connect my Nintendo DS to the Internet? When I try connecting to "drew" on my DS, the DS finds it, and it sometimes even connects for a bit, but in the end it always tells me that it can't connect to the access point.
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