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Danna L. Gutman
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Talking yeah the pub rocks!!!

so, gone are my doubts...
the pub is the place to be! the class of '06 is taking it over, as I guess the senior class does every year, so it's basically all people I know there.
I am SO happy about what's served. yuengling on tap! smirnoff raspberry! and all these other good beers I've never even had... amazing. and CHEAP. decent beer in america, who would've thunk it.

and of course there's the pool table.. and the big tv.. and the hot tub.. (uh yeah shhhh.. don't tell the freshmen)

ps. honest question for the above poster: while I'm sure the GAP chick is as irritating as you say she is, do you really think this forum is a good place to complain about another student...?
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