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Smile It depends . . .

I remember a few years back it was well into the 70's during Halloween weekend. Generally, the high temperature in November (and even December) is at least 40. That's not to say it can't get a lot colder, but I find that I only need to wear cold weather clothing for maybe a week out of the year under normal circumstances. Usually in January or February. I'd underpack on the super warm stuff - assuming you either visit home or can have someone send stuff. Then again, it's got to hit about 20F for me to think it's getting cold.

This chart is for New Brunswick, which tends to be a little warmer, but this gives you an idea of the high/low range across a year:

Snowfall in this part of NJ tends to be in January/February as well, often with one last good storm in March. I'd worry about footwear -- good boots or something else that can get you over icy patches. Even when the intial plowing/shoveling on campus is good, the melt/freeze cycles in the days after a storm can leave some pretty spectacular icy patches. With some of the sloped paths, it can be a bit exciting. It's really not that bad - but with a bit of snow and ice, you can slip. A pair of Yaktrax walkers that you can slip on over your shoes (usually around $16 if you look around a bit) can help on ice, but I'll warn you that you could graduate without needing them. It really varies from year to year.
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