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Erec S. Smith
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Default Theory, Improv and Writing in one easy to use Class

This is Erec Smith, director of the University Writing Center, and I want to let you know about a new course for Fall 2005, EDUCG 701: Writing Center Theory and Practice.

When it comes to philosophies of education, many people tend to downplay the role of improvisation and body language. Since our student body, like any other student body, has a variety of personalities, each with its own variety of moods, it is imperative to talk about and work on spontaneity and improvisation when considering ways to educate them (especially when it comes to face-to-face tutoring). EDUCG 701 will focus on these things on a class to class basis.

There is also a theoretical component to this course. If you like, appreciate, or always wondered about theories like postmodernism, multiculturalism, and feminism, but were at a loss as to how to put them to use in the real world, you should considered taking EDUCG 701. In this course, we will discuss how the aforementioned theories, as well as others, may or may not influence human interaction. Specifically, we will focus on how a consideration of theory and practicality play out in face-to-face writing instruction.

This class, offered Tuesdays from 4:00-6:30, is a three credit course in which students will analyze and critique current, pedagogical theories of face to face writing instruction and then “practice” these theories by tutoring in the Writing Center three times a week.

Also, learning the methods and innovations of tutor-based writing instruction may assist those with educational aspirations. If you plan to teach secondary education or want to have a Teaching Assistantship in graduate school, this class would be an ideal choice.

So please consider EDUCG 701: Writing Center Theory and Practice.
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