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Yes, it's really just lunch and you should just enjoy it, regardless of where you choose to sit. It's not about the people who eat the lunch. I wish they could have found a way to reserve/suggest a section for faculty and staff without putting up an opaque barrier that, at least, to me, sends an awful message. I've been eating in the main section, at a table with faculty or staff colleagues, and no one has yet come over to interrupt me with business or questions. I think the students like to enjoy their lunch in peace as well. I was once at an institution where everyone ate lunch in the same dining room, and people of all kinds generally ate with their friends without interruption. The culture here has been a separate University Club, which didn't bother me when it was in a separate location, but does bother me when it involves erecting a wall in the students' dining room and then walking through the main section in order to recede behind the wall. (If they erected a wall in the University Club and said that only presidents and deans could eat behind it, ...)
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