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Default Drew TV - Recent Outages

Greetings all,

Over the past several evenings, there have been sporadic outages of the local broadcast channels on Drews DirecTV system. DirecTV has informed us that this is a regional issue with the service provider. They are working to rectify the problems as they occur, but unfortunately given the scope of the issue, there is little we can do for an outage of this nature. Instructional Technology Services staff have been in constant contact with DirecTV over the last several nights, and will continue to remain on top of any future problems that arise. In all cases thus far, campus service has been restored immediately once the regional issue was resolved.

We do not anticipate any further problems, but we cannot control the nature or length of issues which may arise. ITS staff will continue to monitor the situation, and we will communicate further information here as needed.

Thank you,

Media Resource Center
Instructional Technology Services
Drew University
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