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Elyse C. Atkinson
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Cool I am a sometimes internet geek.

I don't like seeing that no one has written in here, and I'm dorky enough to do it, so i'll do it.

OADN this year is going to rock. we have some fun senior solos up for fall, so be looking out for those. Also, our CD should be on its way... any day now... so check it out because it's going to be great.

Girls -- Audition audition audition! We have an old group, so we need to get some young 'uns (like myself) in there.

PS You should come to our shows. All of you. Come watch us bust out. Oh and those boys too, and that british kid... you know... what is it? 37 jefferson ave? ooooh i am a nerd. This is what summer does to me.
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