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I can understand how students may feel regarding Aramark food but Aramark has been trying to do better. Plus, I hear students say that they could find food cheaper, but I also hear them say they have to find a way to get there. In the summertime it may not be a problem to go into town and pick up a bite to eat but in the winter, staying on campus is always been a plus.
As students write down what you would like to see changed. Submit it not just to the chef but to those higher up. Make sure everyone in the chain of command is aware of the changes you would like to see. Ask about having once or twice a week food trucks to come on campus that way it gives you some food diversity but on campus.
Working with a department instead of just complaining about it is always better. You can complain all you want but if you do nothing else but complain how is that helping the situation. See if students can get together a student food committee that works closely with the chef and Aramark on menus and maybe even with the execution of food.
Remember, not everyone can afford to go off campus and wouldn't it be better to help make the food situation better rather than just boycotting it? If the university said your on your own for meals, then that would be something else you'd complain about.
Working together students and staff is what will make things happen. They can't happen if you won't work together.
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