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Leanna E. Celebre
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St. Kitts rawks...was there in the spring and had so much fun...only regret is not doing any of the rainforest hikes (my mom didn't want to do any volcano climbing) Watch out if you rent a car though, some of the curbs stick out oddly and are lethal to tires. Especially if you, like my dad, have never driven on the left before!

BTW, My name is Leanna (yeah, seems pointless to say that with the screenname), I'm a senior, and one of the Tri-Chairs of Orientation Committee this year. Any first-years who are coming to visit Drew this summer can wave to me (and Gary and Sigourney) at the UC desk, and also ask all the questions you can possibly have!

-Leanna, officially out of lurkdom on this board
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