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Mary Richmond
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Originally Posted by Zachary C. Kanfer

It's not really skipping calc; it's more of not needing to take calc.

I see it as skipping/bypassing calc... don't rain on my happy no calc parade.

Originally Posted by Alicia E. Lutes
congrats on getting two of the most kick-ass and dynamic professors the english department has to offer

seriously adore smith-wright. have yet to have a class with jamieson but i certainly plan on it & i have heard nothing but good things about her brilliance.

of course i am like the uber english major dork soooooo
good department, great department even!

Whoa, English major dork? I plan on being an English major, too. But, thanks to both of you for your input-- I feel confident about my classes already. It's good to know that Drew has a strong English department.
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