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Well it could be one of 2 issues. If there's a problem with the cord, you can get another one at the computer store, located at the bottom of the library by the MRC. Jason and John run it and are generally nice guys who will set you up with a new cord (you might need to pay $5 though).
If the problem is with the port on the computer, then you need to take it down to CNS and they will most likely need to order a new mainboard for the machine.
Before you buy anything, try it out on a friends cord, or try your cord in a friends computer. If your friends cord keeps the connection, then go ahead and get a new cord from the computer store. If your friends cord has the same problem, you probably need a new main board. But since the T43's (which I assume you're using b/c it's the only asset assigned to you...) are all under warranty for 4 years (as are all IBM/Lenovo laptops), it wont cost you anything but time.
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