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Tessa D. Russell
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I think the title of this posting explains how I feel on some of these issues. While I agree with Tom that God calls us to love each other, I also am having a real hard time feeling right now that the church is continuing God's reign on earth. I also feel that we cannot excuse those who deliberately hurt others in the name of God, that is not a loving act, it is hypocrisy. When did it become ok for us to take the Bible and discern for God who is worthy of God's love? In response to what Natalie said earlier, perhaps it is not the criteria for membership that needs to be reevaluated but the criteria for Ordination and by proxy the rulings of the Discipline which we are ordained to uphold. If in truth we are called to do God's work, how and why is it that human beings are deciding who can become the next member of this elusive Methodist Country Club we seem to be creating. In UM Doctrine, Polity and History we are reading of the church's history surrounding the division of the church around two issues, slavery and the ordination of women. The vitriol, hurtful language and rhetoric surrounding those issues is reminiscent of our current issues surrounding homosexuality. If we don't learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it, isn't that what some wise person said? We have not learned and we are doomed to repeat again the same pain for yet another group of people and it hurts us all. I'm not calling for the church to divide, rather I am calling us as future leaders to search our hearts to really examine what we mean when we say that "all persons are of sacred worth."

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