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Windows doesn't allow you to have one account with admin privs that you can switch on "on demand" during a Windows session but are normally disabled... However, if you are willing to have another login/password for administrative usage, you can use the Run As facility to selectivity run programs as a different user (even one with more privs than you) from within your Windows session.

In this scenario, you would set up your uLogin account as a restricted Windows user. When you need to run a setup program or other app that requires higher privileges, right click on the app, and select the Run As option, putting in the login and password for a different account that has admin rights.. Typically, you'd just use the local Administrator account for this. The Run As option should show up on the right click menu for anything on the Start menu or any executables that you browse to through Explorer.

If you like doing stuff from the command line, there is a runas command there as well:

runas /user:MACHINENAME\Administrator explorer.exe

will popup a Windows Explorer user running as the local Admin account for instance after prompting you to enter the Admin password.

There are a few limitations to Run As. Not all programs can run under Run As, but it is good enough that you can probably do about 95% of what you need to do without having to logout of the workstation entirely and in as Admin. Also, even though Windows makes it look like you have all these program windows happily coexisting on the same desktop but running as different people, each separate user is still isolated to a certain extent. You can't drag/drop between program windows "owned" by different users, for instance.
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