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Default R40 power supply/mainboard question

Hey hey, all.

Sorry to once again be asking about my R40.

I've had the brick on my power adapter replaced (the wires were frayed), and a mainboard replacement very recently (as in, a few months back), due to frequent power cut-offs for no real reason in the middle of using the laptop. Also had my keyboard replaced via IBM, due to a malfunctioning midsection.

Things have been running swimmingly since my keyboard replacement, until the past few nights, where power is (once again) randomly cutting out on my laptop. I could be doing something intensive like gaming, I could be typing a paper, it could be playing music off my external, it could be sitting there with a screen saver on. Thus far, I've had four shutoffs in two days, with my having little knowledge as to what's prompting it.

My question is, what gets replaced when the mainboard etc. gets replaced? Is the power supply an on-board power supply, or is it a separate part? I'm mainly just trying to gauge if I'm using the same power supply I've been using for four years, or if it was replaced with my mainboard. Given that this has thus far proved to be a problem almost impossible to replicate on cue for CNS, it's especially been a touch hard to troubleshoot.

Thanks so much guys.


EDIT: She did it again in transit from my class to home! She died in my arms, captain! She died in my arms!

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