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Justin M. Giza
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Originally Posted by Rian D. Spivak
Sorry about that last sentence, it was meant to say "Does it turn on again immediately after turning off." I can only think of a couple of things to try off hand. You could try running the computer without the battery, DVD/CD drive, and any extra devices unattached and see if the problem resurfaces or goes away. If it does go away, you can then add each piece one at a time until you find out which piece causes the problem.

Of course if it doesn't go away, then some other troubleshooting would need to be done.

Ah. Much clearer. Sorry about that.

No, it does not turn on immediately after turning off. In order of events as they occur:

1. Power cuts out.
2. I test the power button. No dice.
3. I unplug the AC adapter.
4. I plug it back in. GAH! IT'S GOT A LIFE OF IT'S OWN! IT'S A-BOOTIN'!
5. It shuts back down. A very weak poltergeist indeed.

Today I did some really basic testing on it (as in discharging all static from the machine via removing the battery/adapter, and hammering the power button), but it didn't do too much. It would appear as though it stays on longer while it's on battery power, and kind of dies quicker when the AC adapter is plugged in. I'm... not quite sure what this means.

I spent a good hour just troubleshooting with IBM's tech support (didn't feel like tying you guys up at the desk), to little avail. I couldn't help but giggle a little bit when she started giving me a fifteen minute (I kid you not) lecture on how using a laptop is a lot like driving a car, and how "You gots to try it 'fore you buy it, son!"

Oh, IBM. Anyhow, now that I've sidetracked.

I'm using the R40 to type this all out, so it's hopefully going to gimme' another few minutes of power before it hates me again. I'll try the removal of hardware and booting it to see if there's any difference.

Thanks for all your help. I'll post soon!
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