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Default Why is Drew A Ghosttown Saturday and Sunday Mornings?

In what alternate universe is it ever a good idea to open at 1:30 on the weekends? Yes, a lot of kids do sleep until then... but what about the large number of other students (myself included) who don't... Whose brilliant idea was it to open the commons at 1:30? Or to have the McLendon convienience store open 6 days a week starting at 4?? A lot of schools have their convenience stores open from 7am to 4 am every day! (that is seven days a week for the guy whose idea it was to open the commons at 1:30)

In sum, it's really good that you at Drew have tried to be "hip" and "cool" and adapt your schedules to fit those of your students, but we are not ALL like that, please, oh please open something, (the UC, the commons, the convenience store) some way of getting food and/or other edible materials before 1:30!
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