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Default Help Fight World Hunger

The Youth Group of the Newtonville United Methodist Church, will be participating in a
"30 Hour Famine" on May 1-2, 2010.

This youth group and church are closely associated with five members of the Drew Theological community -
including two current and three former students.

30 Hour famine events, in association with World Vision, are designed to
raise awareness of and funds to help fight world hunger.

Recent estimates suggest that
25,000 children die each DAY
from hunger and related complications.

The youth will fast for two days and during that period they will be doing activities in the community to help raise awareness of the impact of hunger and how we can all help to fight it.

They will also be raising funds to help World Vision fight hunger in many countries. If you are interested in sponsoring the youth group - donations can be made online at or through their facebook site for the event - just search on
"30 hour famine newtonville"

Any support, including words of support on the facebook site,
are welcomed.

$1 will feed a child for a day -
$30 for a month.

The cost of 2 medium sized pizzas and a bottle of soda from Dominos
will feed a starving child for 2 weeks!

Thank you for your support

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