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Rachel M. Kenner
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My name is Rachel. *points to unexciting user name* I'll probably be an archaeology/theatre major.

I like colours with tinges of gray. Gray-ish green, gray-ish blue. And of course, gray itself.
My favourites times of day are very early and very late. The bits between 8:00 and 17:00 always feel like one long dark teatime of the soul.
My favourite movies. . . gosh. . . I adore LOTR, but I'm too puristy to enjoy TTT. So that leaves FOTR and ROTK, but some of ROTK also raises my purist hackles. I also quite like Monty Python. Spamalot, anyone? Shakespeare in Love is excellent, and I enjoy Henry V.
Vacation. . . St. Andrews, Scotland, London, anywhere in Great Britain, really. But especially St. Andrews and Dunnottar. Also, St. Joseph Island, Canada.

TMI, eh? Well, now it's in your braincells and you're stuck with it!
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