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Dia O'Neil
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eh. i know people have fun at holiday ball, but dressing in formal clothing and milling around with people reminds me too much of highschool dances that i always hated. plus, the only girly clothing i own are coin belts and cholis, and there's no way i'm dressing like THAT for a ball. the food is good, though, and sometimes it's fun to make an appearance. it's definitely not the highlight of my year, but it gets pretty good reviews from other people.

as for clubs, there's one in morristown, and a ton in nyc. i've only ever really been to stonewall on christopher street, which was okay. there's a goth club in newark that i plan on going to this semester, too. i guess i'm not really the right person to ask. i have a very...specific taste in clubs.
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