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Default Think of Commuters Please!

As a fellow commuter who is headed out on Thursday (and wondering how I will get there with the train delays, and if I will arrive to canceled classes), I agree Drew needs to consider the commute time when making cancellations. I am sure it is not just students, but many of the Professors who have to make one hour plus commutes.

I know that Drew is largely a residential campus, and perhaps there is a way to better meet commuters needs on days like today. Even if classes are held and commuters are given the option to attend only if it is safe for them to commute, and if not given a make-up opportunity of some sort (even assignments, readings, etc) and this is enacted as a school wide policy, then I would feel that my fellow commuters could make smarter choices and not risk having an accident, only to find out classes are canceled.

I know class attendance is important and that the show must go on, but I worry that late notifications of cancellations may have students traveling when it is unsafe.

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