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James A. Farrugia
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When we send out the address of our proxy server to database providers,
we are giving them When I do an nslookup on this,
it gives On the other hand, when I do an nslookup
on I get

What is, does it function as a Drew proxy, and should
we be sending this address to our providers, saying that it is our proxy?



Originally Posted by E. Axel Larsson
In this case, a slightly different explanation from the one I gave above... is the address of Drew's proxy server... is just one of our public addresses from the NAT pool... So, this means that you have Mozilla configured to use the Proxy, but IE isn't. (When you have the proxy set up and you are on-campus, it directs all traffic through the proxy.. for caching purposes... When you are off-campus, only the research resources and other sites that need to be proxied get proxied...)
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