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Well, in all fairness, a lot of supreme court justices weren't judges first. Chief Justice Earl Warren, for one. William Douglas, Thurgood Marshall. Louis Brandeis. William Renquist hadn't, when he was named to the court as an Associate Justice. It's pretty common. My fear is that Bush and his people seem to be willing to pick some real winners. "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job". There are some other nominees recently that have resumes that don't really match the job they're up for. Ms. Miers seems to be a competant and professional lawyer with a significant resume, at least. I'd be happier if she had more government experience. But let's face it - the biggest win for you is for Bush to know you personally, so he can "know your heart" as he so often puts it. Putting blind faith in those in your inner circle, and not trusting honorable people who aren't buddies with you is a great way for an administration to wind up with a huge amount of corruption and nepotism.
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