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Originally Posted by Joshua M. Putnam
I've tried a few things on the T-400, like opening the Vista Sidebar, that require me to be logged into the Admin account.....however when ever I click on the Drew-AD/Jputnam login and log in through still says I need Admin access

Also the amount of RAM used by these things is ridiculous.....1.1 gb after startup with about maybe 300 of that used by processes, which is about 300 Megabytes more than I've seen on other Vista laptops

Also Novell/Campusweb requires me to login everytime I restart the computer and try to access any page on Firefox other than the Drew New Students home page:

Is this necessary? Novell Software seems to have quite a vicegrip on these laptops
You do currently have Admin access to your machine when logged into your jputnam account. Do you mean that Vista prompts you for permission to use Admin rights when you do certain things? Are you getting prompted for an Admin login instead?

The former is the normal Vista behavior unless you turn off User Account Control. Vista displays a prompt asking for permission. Is this what you are seeing or something different?

Firefox is set to use the Drew proxy server to get to external web sites when you are on-campus by default. If you are logged in with the Novell client (as opposed to computer-only login), the proxy login happens automatically.

Login to Drew web sites as well as GroupWise and GroupWise Messenger will also be automatic if SecureLogin is loaded. If you do a Novell (again as opposed to computer-only login), then SecureLogin starts and runs automatically. Otherwise, you need to enter your password to unlock SecureLogin.
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