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Originally Posted by Patrick O. Dolan
Why isn't there more dissemination of useful computer information? Why is it that the most useful tips or ideas on computing I've received have come from chance conversations with somebody in CNS or otherwise in the know (Thunderbird, Firefox, WebDAV)? What else am I and the rest of the Drew community missing?
I can speak to the Firefox/Thunderbird issue. There isn't anything on the CNS or ITS site about Firefox or Thunderbird because these applications are presently not supported by the CNS Helpdesk. The Mozilla Suite is the supported web-browser and e-mail client. There will be forthcoming support for the Firefox browser, which will be announced some time in the near future and which will coincide with some changes to email (that's all I can say right now---stay tuned!)

For WebDAV, NetStorage documentation (which includes both browser-based and WebDAV) is available on the CNS web site. There haven’t been any announcements promoting it since we launched the service last year however, so it may be time to promote it again.

Do you have any general suggestions insofar as what you think has been lacking in terms of announcements and any preferences on how you’d like to get this information? (email, newsletters, RSS feeds, presentations given at various events, etc.) This is useful feedback!
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