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Jessica Silva
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The following are the titles which were required (1-8, 14, 15) and others were recommened, I would suggest looking on amazon for the books. hope that helps!!

1 “Organic Chemistry”, John McMurry, 7th Edition
2. “Student Study Guide and Solutions Manual for Organic Chemistry”, Susan McMurry
3. Spartan Model Electronic Modeling Kit
4. “Pushing Electrons-A Guide for Students of Organic Chemistry”, Daniel P. Weeks, 3rd Edition
5. Any molecular model kit suitable for Organic Chemistry
6. “Peer-Led Team Learning-Organic Chemistry”, J. A. Kampmeier, et. Al.
7. “Organic Chemistry-A Guided Inquiry”, A. R. Straumanis, 2nd Edition
8. “General, Organic and Biological Chemistry-A Guided Inquiry”, M. Garoutte, 2007
9. “Foundations of Organic Chemistry-Worked Examples”, Michael Hornby and Josephine Peach, 2000
10. “Organic Nomenclature”, J. G. Traynham, 4th Edition, 1991
11. “Napoleon’s Buttons-17 Molecules That Changed History”, Penny Le Couteur and Jay Burreson, 2003
12. “Organic Chemistry I as a Second Language: Translating the Basic Concepts”, David R. Klein, 2nd Edition
13. “The Nuts and Bolts of Organic Chemistry: A Student’s Guide to Success”, Joel Karty, 2006
14. “Macroscale and MicroScale Organic Experiments”. K. L. Williamson, et. Al., 4th or 5th Edition
15. Laboratory Research Notebook, Jones and Bartlett
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