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Jennifer A. Fox
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Default Drew emergency alert spam blocked

The email sent as part of Drew's emergency response test yesterday landed in my spam pile with a spam score of 1.14. This is quite a bit higher than emails that slipped through, like the much appreciated offer I received to credit my ATM card with $1.8 million (spam score =0.00) or the less attractive offers in Russian for business center workshops (spam score=0.60) and a fresh personal envoy (spam score = 0.38).

I don't have the messages in my trash anymore so don't know what the spam score was, but automated emails from the library generated by online interlibrary loan requests were also flagged as spam.

I do have my filter set at the very low threshold of 1, and realize these Drew messages aren't really coming from within the system. But thought I'd let the powers-that-be know that the emergency notifications, at least, may be less effective than they might be, in case there's anything you can do to fix it (other than making me set my spam threshold higher).
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