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Benjamin K. Tokarski
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Originally Posted by Mike Richichi
We install F-PROT for Windows, which has a new version that's pretty good. You can install another virus scanner (either additional or instead) but you would want to make sure it's updating automatically (which we do for the one we put on).


I'll just go along with whatever you guys suggest.. I could get nod 32 smart security at any time, its no biggy if the year runs out or whatever.. It updates almost daily I believe.

I'm somewhat technologically savvy. I just stay out of the pc vs. mac debates. theyre both good in my opinion, just mac doesnt let me play as many games.. and i'm a gamer.. so..

I could have both on a mac system, and run that dual boot.. I actually heard vista runs better on a mac.. lol. Never actually tried it though, nor am I willing to part with the money to conduct my own research on that theory.

Whats the battery life expectancy of the new drew laptops? And cooling... Does it keep cool? I'm going to be getting a cooling pad anyways.. If there are any suggestions, I'd gladly hear them!

I recently had my laptop, after 6 months of use, the motherboard fried out. Horray HP! Thankfully, its under 4 year warranty.
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