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I'm not sure how the installation for fprot is handled these days with the new version of Zen. In the past, fprot is force-installed or force-updated whenever the zenworks application loader starts (when your computer boots up). While it is physically possible to get two anti-virus installations going at the same time, I think it'd get pretty annoying.

In my experience the Lenovos can get pretty toasty depending on what you're doing with them. They won't freeze up or anything unless there's something horribly wrong, and it's usually only the CPU/GPU that have any heat problems, the mainboard is usually pretty solid in this area, but they can run pretty hot.

I've got a Lenovo laptop that's roughly equivalent to the Drew computer from two years ago and I consistently get about 4 hours of runtime off of a full battery charge. I've seen results all over the map though. The batteries on some individual computers die in the first year and some last all through Drew and beyond. It depends on how well you take care of it and a lot of luck.

I can promise you that CNS will repair your fried out mainboard if it ever gets fried! So no worries! I think the Drew computer experience will be what you make of it. Some people come in expecting the computers to be bad and then they have all kinds of horror stories that are usually just user damage with a bit of bad luck. On the other hand, my Drew computer from 2003 is still chugging away; even it's battery still works!
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