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Originally Posted by Benjamin K. Tokarski

I'll just go along with whatever you guys suggest.. I could get nod 32 smart security at any time, its no biggy if the year runs out or whatever.. It updates almost daily I believe.

I'm somewhat technologically savvy. I just stay out of the pc vs. mac debates. theyre both good in my opinion, just mac doesnt let me play as many games.. and i'm a gamer.. so..

I could have both on a mac system, and run that dual boot.. I actually heard vista runs better on a mac.. lol. Never actually tried it though, nor am I willing to part with the money to conduct my own research on that theory.

Whats the battery life expectancy of the new drew laptops? And cooling... Does it keep cool? I'm going to be getting a cooling pad anyways.. If there are any suggestions, I'd gladly hear them!

I recently had my laptop, after 6 months of use, the motherboard fried out. Horray HP! Thankfully, its under 4 year warranty.

One of the advancements that they tout on every model revision of the ThinkPads is improved cooling. The T400 in particular has a cooler running processor than the T61 (which was correspondingly cooler than the T60 on which I'm typing this) and improved fan design and cooling airflow. In fact, the fan on the T400 is even quieter than other T-series fans we've seen.

We're not going to solve the PC vs. Mac debate here. We don't try to. We're always looking at how to provide the services we do in the best way possible, and so far the single platform and standard laptops has had the best overall value and has helped students develop the technology skills they'll need after college. Plenty of people I know go through our program and end up using Macs at their work, grad school, or for personal use, and they seem to handle it just fine. My personal opinion, and I use and have used Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, is that there are far more similarities than differences, and most of the differences aren't necessarily in the platform itself but the applications that run on top of it, and which are best where is unpredictable (although Windows may have the edge since so much more software is built for it). I'm probably somewhat abnormal in this regard.
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