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Originally Posted by Verna G. Nienhouse
Alvinn, I feel the need to point out that these kittens will require not only their shots but also to be spayed or neutered once they are old enough (at about 6 months).
Also, do you know their mother? Is she being properly taken care of as far as vet visits, shots, and being spayed are concerned?
And a warning: many animal shelters won't take kittens from people. They have to be brought in by an animal control officer.

That being said, I hope those gorgeous kittens find safe and loving homes - without allergic "staff" (otherwise known as owners)!

To my knowledge, it is up to the OWNER if their pet is to be neutered or not. It is NOT a requirement. Spaying or Neutering FEMALE kittens at such an early age of 6mos can damage their female/menstrual-like cycles. Plus, I'm not animal activist but I don't think neutering/spaying animals is necessary unless it becomes a problem to the owner, their living space, and or the community in question. Whether an owner is allergic to cats or not and whether they opt to keep the kittens is up to the owner's discretion. Lastly, this post is about the KITTENS, if you would like to talk about the mother's condition, please feel free to e-mail me or start a new discussion but I can assure you she is being taken care of quite well.


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