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Gary A. Hochman
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Actually a public forum is a little worse, at least with Facebook as Facebook requires a valid college email address to access and you can set it so that only people from your school can view your profile and contact information. And yes, you are right that having your screen name show up to everyone is not much different typing it in a thread, but I meant the warning to encompass that as well. If people do not want everyone on the internet to be able to see their screen name, then they should be sure not to put that information out there. Sometimes people get lulled into a false sense of safety with things like these as they assume that it is only members of the Drew community reading it when that is not necessarily true (the same thing happens with livejournals all the time where people put things in it and it ends up being a huge deal because they did not realize how many people could see it). I just wanted to remind people of that. Thanks for the input!
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