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Originally Posted by Gary A. Hochman
Actually a public forum is a little worse, at least with Facebook as Facebook requires a valid college email address to access and you can set it so that only people from your school can view your profile and contact information.

Realistically, once you make that information available to 3,000+ people at your school, there is no reasonable expectation that isn't equivalent to publicly available.

If you don't want something to be available, you shouldn't publish it.

Can you personally vouch for everyone that happens to have a Drew uLgoin account and thus a Drew email address that can be used to get a Facebook account? Trusting 3,000 arbitrary users who have whatever relationship (which may be a very tangential relationship in some cases, contractors, consultants, etc.) with Drew, where you wouldn't want that information to be generally available is a mistake.

I'd generally advise that you either decide to publish certain information or not, but drawing an arbitrary line around Drew (or more to the point, people with Drew uLogin accounts) doesn't gain much in terms of privacy.
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