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Originally Posted by Matthew J. Mergen
I'm getting an "Information Alert" Status: 500 Internal Server Error when I try to authenticate at on my Palm Tungstun C. Also having trouble with wireless on campus, but fine at home. Could this be due to the browser on my device?
Could be the browser on the device. The site is intended to be used with a PC browser. For getting the Mobile Server set up on a device with wireless access, there are two ways to do it:

1. Go to from a PC, follow the wizard, and download the software from there. For Palm based devices, it will install via the HotSync Manager on your PC just like other Palm apps (and also installs a HotSync conduit for syncing when you have the device in the cradle--but will still be able to use a wireless connection when it is not).

2. For a direct install from the device, use the device browser to go to and follow the prompts.

I agree it should probably offer a more useful message if you hit directly from the device browser. I'll look into why it is just offering the Internal Server Error.
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