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Default DONUT for First Year Students Goes Live Monday!

Greetings First Year Students!

DONUT quizzes will be open for Drew First Year students starting
Monday, August 29th

Quizzes are located in the Common Hour Moodle Site

DONUT materials are available on uKnow

Facts about DONUT
  • Quizzes are open book; We recommend studying the materials and then taking the quiz for each unit.
  • There are three DONUT quizzes - one for each unit of DONUT.
  • You may take quizzes as many times as you need to in order pass. There are no penalties for multiple attempts.
  • 80% is a passing grade.
  • Students are welcome to collaborate during quiz taking.
  • You must pass DONUT in order to earn a passing grade for the Common Hour.
  • You must complete quizzes by October 2, 2011 at 11:55PM
If you have questions about DONUT, or would like to schedule an individualized DONUT tutorial session with an instructor, please contact the Student Technology Education Lab at, or call (973) 408-3003.

The Student Technology Education Lab is located in the Basement of Brothers College, Room 6, just across the hall from the CNS Helpdesk.

Have a great first weekend on campus, and welcome to Drew!

Krista White, MLIS
Training Coordinator
Student Technology Education Lab

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