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Default Long time between vending machine refills

Alexey Pajitnov (Алексей Пажитнов) was the creator of Tetris. When visiting the US in the eighties, he mentioned how hard it was to get cigarettes in Soviet Russia. A reporter made a comment about a theory that the government was keeping them scarce in order to improve the health of the populace. Pajitnov dryly replied with, "Yes, and they don't give us food in order to keep us from getting fat!"

I've been trying to cut back on soda in an effort to be healthier. While sometimes I really want a Dew in the morning, it seems that those who refill the the vending machines are supporting me in my quest by not restocking the vending machine in the basement of Brothers College for weeks. Yeah, it's been ENTIRELY sold out for at least a couple of weeks. Geez.
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