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Alicia E. Lutes
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Default Senior Laptop Question?

Hi, so I just graduated from Drew and as luck would have it (figures!), the computer screen doesn't work anymore, and the laptop itself keeps freezing up. My question is...can you guys still look at our computers? Do we still have a few months left on our warranty or anything? I went to a computer store in my town and they said it was like a logicboard issue or something (that's what they said it sounded like) and it would cost me $800. I obviously don't have that kind of money and would like to at least have access to my files on the thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I don't live in the area (CT currently), but will probably be visiting friends in and around the area in the next week or so, so I would love to be able to drop it off or something if you guys can/will look at it. Thanks!
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