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Elizabeth A. Young
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Originally Posted by Kevin Domanski
If McCain had won I'm sure there would have been plenty of references to him throughout the day.

I highly doubt this would be the case for the simple reason that at our school, among the students and the administration, Obama seems to be more popular. (Note, I still stand by the opinion that this isn't the case with the parents due to my observation of those sitting at graduation. But, this is debateable.) This is rather obvious if you've lived on campus. Also, a McCain win is not nearly as interesting as an Obama win, if only for the fact that we've already had elderly white males in office.

Originally Posted by Kevin Domanski
Simply referring to someone in politics doesn't mean you are being inundated by whatever politics they believe in. Referring to Obama was a way to make the speeches current and specifically relevant to the time in which our class is graduating

While that is true, and I actually do agree with you, the references were excessive, and they flowed out of more than just Wesibuch's mouth. If you want to argue that no, they weren't excessive, then that's fine. Just don't expect me to agree.

Originally Posted by Kevin Domanski
If hearing his name mentioned or the fact plainly stated that he is the first black president in our history offended you, well then I'm sorry.

I'm not quite sure what your meaning is in this statement, but it seems to imply me being a racist. If that is the case, I strongly suggest that you be aware of how you respond to this post, if you do so at all. For one, you know nothing of my background or my heritage. Two, you've clearly missed my point entirely. Why would that offend me? Why does not wanting to hear more about Obama make me a racist? Quite frankly, that's the kind of ignorance that angers me.

What offended me was the excessive referencing when to so do over and over blatantly disregarded Saturday's audience. What offended me was that we would rather draw out the ceremony with these types of references than announce the awards people received for their acheivements. I honestly would've rather had been forced to sit through those announcements than listen to what sounded to me like farfetched bs. I mean, comparing Drew to Hawaii? Comparing a man to a university? I mean no disrespect to the administration, but come on.

While I do think Obama is a symbol of progress in this country because he shows that to an extent, we have overcome racist values, he is a human being. He is a politician, and a human being. It's true that he is an inspiration to many people because of what he stands for and what he represents, but other than as an abstract symbol, he is still a politician in my eyes. And personally, I don't look to politicians for inspiration, because I have the very cynical belief that to be in that line of work, especially that high up, you must screw over other people. (If that offends some people reading this, I apologize for the offense as that is not my intention. It is merely my opinion.) In the same vein, I'm not sold on Obama being some type of saint.

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