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Originally Posted by Marla B. Rosenfeld
Hey all, just wondering if anyone knows if we have to take a placement test for a language we would like to take, even if we aren't taking it this semester. Is there a placement test for Hebrew or Chinese?

On a separate note, does getting into Chem 6A vs. Chem 6 do anything special for one trying to get into med school--to they really look at an advanced class vs. a regular class from freshman year???

Any info would be helpful!!
I dunno, but if you like a teacher who really likes chem, take 6a. You'll get Alan Rosan, and he has an unhealthy obcession w/ chem. In orgo, he'll read from a german guys diary, then ask if any of us know german, only to show the thought process of the guy who figured out the structure of benzene.
I have been touched by his noodly appendage.
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