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Originally Posted by Mike Richichi

Can you specify some specific locations you're having problems? We added wireless to all the residence halls last year, and believe the coverage there is good overall, but there may be some specific places where the signal is low that we have not identified. If there are other locations you know of where the signal is not what you like, we can investigate and try and upgrade those as well.

The Library is the most urgent need right now; we're installing that equipment shortly.

A few specific places I've noticed problems:

Riker. Yes, all of Riker. Pretty much nowhere in that building am I able to get a solid connection. This is with two computers and 4 mobile devices. Curiously, my Nexus One gets pretty decent wifi signal in there. Not sure what that's about.

The ends of the halls on Hoyt 2nd. I realize it's probably because the AP is paced in the middle of the hall somewhere, but the signal is very weak at the ends of the halls.

Tolley 2nd, middle of the hall. Not sure what that's about, even though in this case, it's not always a case of weak signal. Sometimes I'll join and be unable to connect to the internet, even though the signal reads >80%. This is with two computers. Phones and mobile devices seem not to have a problem with this one.

The UC Snack Bar. I get nothing. My phone's cell service goes away *and* the wifi gives me at best a 10% signal, which isn't stable enough to actually load anything. Once outside the Snack Bar and the hall leading to it, everything becomes fine.

Those are the places I've noticed problems, though as with many EMF-related things, your mileage may vary.
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