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Default WebAccess Directions for Forwarding Drew Email


Are you actually using the GroupWise client that's installed on the desktop of your drew computer, or are you using WebAccess, which you use by opening a web browser? The function is the same, but you have to use a slightly different set of directions if you are using WebAccess.

You'll know you're in WebAccess if you see Novell GroupWise WebAccess at the top, left hand side of the screen.

To forward your email from WebAccess:

1. Go to the Options menu at the top right side of the screen.

2. Choose Type: Forward. A new dialog box will appear.

Fill out the form with the following values:

Rule Name: Forwarding (or whatever you want to name the rule)

If: TO Contains

then, do the action defined below

To: the email address you want to forward to

Subject: Whatever you want to indicate it's a forwarded email from your Drew account.

Click Save.

You will be taken back out to the Options menu. The Activate box next to your new forwarding rule should be checked. If it's not, make sure to check the box - that's what activates the rule and makes it run. It will run until you come back into Rules and uncheck the box.

If you have other questions, please contact us in the Student Technology Education Lab at 973 408 3003, via email at, or via chat on GroupWise Messenger under Tools -> Chatrooms -> Teaching and Learning Support.

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