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Originally Posted by Katelyn M. Noland
I live in Riker on the 1st floor in the corner by Earth House and my wireless ALWAYS works perfectly fine.

I do not think that applies to all of us because I live on the 1st floor of Riker as well and my wireless NEVER worked properly. At least at my end of Riker.

According to CNS, the solution to the problem was to keep my door open because it boosts the signal, but I hope you would understand why that is not a viable option.

I personally think it is unfair that we all pay the same price for room & board (dependent upon whether you have a single or double), so I would expect to receive the same services available to my fellow residents, but instead get different sort of service. I first reported this problem at the end of September and absolutely NOTHING has been done to resolve the issue with the answer I've given. I keep getting the same questions asked by different people.

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