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Originally Posted by H Sudol
In my room, I never know when I'll have good service on my phone (e.g. enough to make a call) or if I'll be unable to place calls or receive text messages at all. It would be nice if the signal in Riker for T-mobile phones was stronger.

The poster above me makes a sad but true set of statements. I, however, wouldn't recommend switching. AT&T and Verizon are the most evil of the big four carriers. I switched to Verizon and my monthly bill literally doubled over what I was paying T-Mobile. They also don't have a plan that suits my usage. What I might recommend is finding a T-Mobile phone with something called UMA. That will allow you to make and potentially receive calls over a wireless network. Drew's wireless seems to actually work best with mobile devices anyway, so that might solve all of your problems. Had there been an Android phone with UMA at the time I switched, I may have just stayed with T-Mobile.

Your call, I'm just adding another data point.
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