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Kristofer W. Keyser
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Question On-campus artists/bands

I've noticed that very few on-campus bands and artists get very popular here or are very well-attended when shows are played. I mean besides the acapella groups, there's no "household name" bands. Hollywood Kids are pretty well known I guess, but I KNOW there's more people out there who make music and aren't getting the recognition they deserve, and that's kinda depressing. i think its because way too many people on this campus are more concerned with getting drunk on weekends than they are with being involved in the music scene(any other comments on this?)

I want to compile a list of people who play music and enjoy live performance, and hopefully put together some shows in the near future. With a diverse group of musicians, we are bound to get a more diverse group of attendees and better promotion. We need to find alternative venues, since TOE can only be promoted by word-of-mouth and in stairwells due to accessibility policies/laws (for those of you who don't know what i mean, TOE is not wheelchair-accessible, and hence, cannot be promoted via conventional means.) and the Space is primarily for outside artists booked by the UPB. Maybe we can create our own Space Music Night v2.0 with artists willing to play for free and set up themselves, giving it more of the coffeehouse atmosphere that it's learning towards but not reaching at this point. I would love to see the Drew music scene explode, but I can't do it alone. Post to this thread if you are interested.

And yes, i DID basically write a novel, so if you got this far without clicking Back or finding me pretentious in any way, congratulations.
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