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Well I was actually talking about USB A/B cable. This cable uses the USB port on the computer and connects to a USB port on the printer.

Though one thing to keep in mind, if you switch over from a parallel to USB cable, you need to do one extra step before you can use the printer. You need to switch the port (in windows) that the computer is sending the information to.

Start > Printers & Faxes > Right click on the C82 printer and hit properties from the context menu > go to the ports tab > now you should see a table which has a column for port & description.

If you have been using the parallel cable up until this point, you will see that LPT 1 has a check mark next to it. Scroll down the window until you see USB001 and check the box next to that. Now the printer will send the printing information over the USB port to the printer. I am not sure which usb port USB001 is, so if the printer does not work the 1st time, try switching it over to the other USB port on the computer.

Hope this helps.
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