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Neal B. Day
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see, the issue isn't banning smoking. It's getting Drew to realize that it looks "bad" that they provide cigarettes to their students when the majority of NJ colleges don't. I know people here are addicted to cigarettes, and I can't blame you (because the point is that they become addictive) but I enjoy a good video game from time to time. Does that mean that the bookstore has to provide them for me? No. Buying cigarettes in the bookstore is a privilege, not a right.

And we all know the health problems associated with smoking, so don't pretend that this is all Mr. Richlin's science.

And I'm not pissed at all of you for getting all heated about this. I am getting frustrated with the way people are manipulating this into something it isn't. Ben C. is making this about getting on Ben Richlin, and I think that's just stupid. People are saying that second hand smoke is a non-factor anymore, but anybody getting caught behind a smoker walking to class knows how shitty it feels. It's like me going up to someone and burping in their face. The bottom line is that this isn't a crusade to get smoking banned. It's just so Drew U doesn't promote such habits.
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