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Benjamin K. Tokarski
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Originally Posted by Grace E. Dippo
The inclusion of anti-smoking products in the bookstore is a valiant cause with which i agree. If this is really his goal, then i support him fully. However, if a ban on cigarette sales is his goal, or included in his goal, i am unable to support him.

I'm going to be a student at drew next year, I'm transfering into the class of 2010 (I should be anyways, if anyone can provide me with some insight on the transferring process, I would really appreciate it, I'm kinda lost!)

I couldn't help but lurk this board to get a little more info about what the community is like and what not..

Anyways, my opinion is that by selling the tools to quit smoking would set a really good example. I don't advocate completely banning smoking, however, I am very open to to some comprimise in that area.

We know that smoking is bad for the smoker, and the people that have to breath the 2nd hand smoke. Some would argue that it's selfish for the smoker to continue to smoker being that its just not his or her body, its also the body of people around him or her. Honestly, I don't hold by that myself. As long as I'm not being smoked on, or smoked near I will be fine with that! Really! As we know some people could be asthmatic (like yours truely), and well the smoke just sucks for us people. I think its difficult to enforce a campus wide ban on smoking, I don't think they should watch students like hawks and stalk them just because they smoke either.. Perhaps if there is a comprimise to be made, we could make some smoker zones? Areas where kids are free to smoke away? Then the more populated areas of campus would be no smoking.. Again, difficult to accomplish! But it is a comprimising idea.

Thats just my opinion anyways.. I don't think anymore or any less of people that do smoke, I think its a bad habit, and its a waste of money.. However, I think everyone else does a good job at telling everyone smoking is bad for you than I do. I mostly only say something when someone blows their smoke in my face. Maybe a bit of common sense and courtesy would remedy that though?
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