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Absolutely, you can add my name to the list as well if you want.

Drew really ought to reimburse us for how much money is wasted on shipping due to the shitty organization of the mailroom. I live in North Carolina and it's far cheaper getting prescriptions filled at home than in Madison (50$ from the Madison Pharmacy? hell no.) including the cost for my mom to ship them to me; then having them withheld in the mailroom for a week or so not only proves a waste of my family's money, but could also be detrimental health-wise. The mailroom staff have no idea the degree of urgency of what's being shipped there, and there is no reason NOT to receive our mail on time.

Also, just saying, the overall disrespect of students' mail is pretty disappointing. On several occasions I've ordered (paperback) books, they're shipped here in a manila envelop, and then folded/curled up/wedged into my mailbox. Would it take that much more of your time to fill out one more yellow slip, rather than fuck up my shit? This is a university, everyone's going to be ordering books for class since that's what we're here for, just sd;lkfjsdlfj;s be respectful! So frustrating.
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